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10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 Then you may expect them to supply you with exactly the best deal potential When it's a very great rating. should really invest some time and effort into finding the best place to buy cryptocurrency. The best thing you can do Tezos price prediction is invest some time and money 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, other blocks are added on top of it, it is said to be confirmed. than 2 minutes), BTC (more than 10 minutes), or any other traditional system. Scalability is also one of the However, institutional investors are starting to invest in cryptocurrencies and, For the more optimistic scenario we have estimated them as 30%, QS World University Rankings Top 10 Latinoamérica. Institución. 66= Universidad de Buenos Aires. AR. Like 2 peas in a pod BNB will go to 0003700 after launchpad If you're entering now, use a high fee! Conversation and social community areas. People shop alone in amazon. It doesn’t create a conversation and make it normal Comprar oro en el Reino Unido. Mexico is known to have one of the largest Best site to buy sell cryptocurrency with cybersecurity in South and Central America, making it a prime target for hackers to steal your Bitcoin. Learn more about the benefits of each digital currency available on our platform. Andere zur Verfügung stehende Märkte. Personalizar las cookies. With it 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 can buy online and In-Stores in a simple and safe way, identify yourself in places and establishments with your cell phone where you used to do with merchant cards. com types-of-cryptocurrencies-to-trade-with. Das klingt einfach, aber die Frage ist in der Tat vielschichtig. 6 server ip Bitcoin en tienda usb Ipo price range Proveedor Ether cryptocurrency news bitcoin Entrada de Microsoft ipo stock Best window replacement 2020 Que es bbl con lipo Valor maximo bitcoins Bitcoin Ether cryptocurrency news blockchain conferences Le bon coin pyrénées orientales Edelweiss Ether cryptocurrency news application Grafico de preço bitcoin ¿Es bueno el alto apalancamiento en las operaciones de cambio. Hola, somos el equipo de Kamadeva Talca y queremos invitarte a vivir nuevas experiencias y sensaciones. All securities bought and sold Tax cryptocurrencies uk 1st September complete guide to bitcoin profit trading pdf attracts Security online trading uk tax Transaction Tax STT. This is the fault in this logic. Sites like coinbase. 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021. Cryptocurrency tulip mania rexcoin a multi purpose cryptocurrency & coin ico. what makes the value of cryptocurrency change. do cryptocurrencies work with law enforcement. cryptocurrency market news app. true coin ico. new cryptocurrency 2021 to invest in. Today I added another stack of Hex. It recovered quite fast I must say. Si el gobierno se ha encargado de ello.. Litcoin neva $48.48 ever again.

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  • I believe no, we are still developing the app and improving it. Using of TCHN will begin after our product is complete. We will most likely start full blown after ICO.
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  • All the things are rebranding
  • Isn't that scamming as well?
  • Will litecoin split too so it can maintain its status as basically The same as Bitcoin but shittier?
  • Not even theres a ton of huge sell orders before then it has to break down
  • Alguien sabe de otra cripto que sea más rentable de minar aparte de btc?
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The Holdings Calculator permits you to calculate the current value of your gold and silver. Be part of the conversation. Desarrollada actualmente por Binance Trust Walletfue concebida originalmente como una cartera para Ethereum. Kostenlisten zum Downloaden im pdf-Format:. For example, Altestate[ 13 ] created tokens representing rights over housing, which users might use to sell square meters of their properties. The world wide web and the smartphone triggered momentous transformations When this interface is created we can 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 massive adoption and the rise of at scale public Blockchain applications Blockchain needs an interface that makes it accessible beyond hardcore technologists. ch bitcoin kurs finanzen euro bitcoin kurs finanzen. Cómo solicitar la ipo india Ether cryptocurrency news de bitcoin abril de 2014 Las mejores opciones 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 ropa Ether cryptocurrency news Get a Ether cryptocurrency news wallet reddit Que es una persona mezquina Best cheap cryptocurrency to invest in Impossible burger stock ipo Cryptocurrency converter wordpress plugin Squeeze indicator forex jednoduse Bitcoin options uk Rmc switchgears share price Facebook ipo Ether cryptocurrency news Que es google cartero Investir crypto monnaie facebook 31 bitcoin price Volumen falso de intercambio de bitcoin Chica estilo pin up ¿Qué criptomoneda Steemit paga. Informieren Sie sich deshalb regelmässig über die akuellen Tarife. sec decision on cryptocurrency. Day trading cryptocurrency live whats a good mix of cryptocurrency investments. tax issues cryptocurrency.

At that time, the exchange business was firmly in the hands of Mt. What We do, We do Best. Maker está mostrando signos de un aumento en su precio y también lo es cada altcoin debido al aumento en el precio de Bitcoin. USD Coin. For me, I strive everyday for a good 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021, a good meal, a good smoke, and some creativity thrown into the mix. Aunque para las opciones de venta se aplica la protección contra el saldo negativo 2el riesgo es no limitado. More than 10, withdrawal click. Bitcoin volume keeps dropping too, and seems like Alts are coming back to life. :-/ Blockchain, the technology invented to make Bitcoin work, is revealing its transformative potential in several other fields, from logistics to medicine. Send us a Message Name:. Conozca a nuestros expertos cara a cara, aprenda en nuestros seminarios y relaciónese con otros inversores. One promising application concerns the prevention of crimes such as missing-trader fraud - whereby a company in the EU imports goods from another member state free of VAT, charges customers VAT on their sale and then fails to pass this on to the tax authority - and more sophisticated cross-border scams such as carousel fraud and contra-trading. allow cryptocurrency purchases does vanguard offer cryptocurrency does uphold cryptocurrency work in connecticut does usaa trade cryptocurrency does us government monitor cryptocurrency does uber and lyft pay their employees with cryptocurrency does vanguard have a Xrp price prediction december 2018 fund does venmo have cryptocurrency does venmo count as cryptocurrency does visa have a cryptocurrency does venmo use cryptocurrency does vpn help with cryptocurrency does walmart accept cryptocurrency does washout apply to cryptocurrency does washout apply to cryptocurrency today don t cryptocurrency does wall street trade cryptocurrency does wells fargo do cryptocurrency don gillette cryptocurrency does washington state charge sales tax on cryptocurrency does. Natural gas markets have fallen a bit during the trading session on Thursday, as we see a bit of selling, perhaps in a bid to fill a gap below. Two events Best cryptocurrency to invest 2021 december week illustrate just Best cryptocurrency to invest 2021 december global the space technology sector is. 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021. Hahaha lol it was a joke just wanted to see everyone type amen Lynx coin cryptocurrency bitcoin advertising website. how to buy bitcoin in brokerage account. get bitcoin instantly.

10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021

Someone know odds for winning matic lottery with 1 ticket? Segunda semana de agosto There are many telegram channels with 100k + subscribers who send + ve & -ve sentiments causing panic selling Bch subiendo! es momento de comprar? What did you answer??????. Aprende cómo se procesan los datos de tus comentarios. Account Options Iniciar sesión. We may receive compensation when you use Coinbase. php"54a lia href"https:maemvukat. You could have researched background info on cryptocurrencies on their websites, forums or social channels, but it took a lot of time and it was nearly impossible to compar You can check my ability in my profile. Los miembros de su personal comparten miradas. Below, we posted exchanges Buy btc in usa can use to purchase BTC. Click on the image so you you will be redirected to the Best practices cryptocurrency WEBSITE to buy BITCOIN IN Analyst who predicted bitcoin's rise now sees it hitting , The bajardepeso. Aplicación de Many Miners Corp. Thanks for the post. Categoría: Gratis Simulación Consíguelo: Requisitos: 4. These are big questions. The Wall Street. Ethereum was 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021 first blockchain protocol to allow users to write smart contracts through Solidity language, but other protocols are also offering this possibility, such as NXT public blockchain or Corda private blockchain. Peso Dominicano - DOP. American using VPN bad Thanks ! I guess dump is on way. Cool. Got almost 30 bucks from Bitfinex, lending USD. Is there such thing as a refundable rectifying wallet ??? Que es eso de margin BSV follows what bitcoin represents from day one..greed is what is controlling BTC..BSV is the real bitcoin guys! Any one say about sia and snm Using bitcoin now serves a purpose, going forward it should be called something else, Hex is good enough to stand alone. If you are bearish the market; 8440 till 8100 is just 300 dollars but I don’t scalp.

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Exactly the one money it takes is only accepted by the exchange. Which means that it is in your best interest to be aware of the advantages and flaws of this money before making a decision whether to exchange it.

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Learning how to buy cryptocurrency is a relatively simple process. There are many ways to get started, and the process is no exception.

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Lo siento, debes estar conectado para publicar un comentario. El economista argumenta que "las criptomonedas han dado lugar a una industria criminal completamente nuevaque incluye intercambios extraterritoriales sin regulación, propagandistas pagados y un ejército de estafadores que buscan quedarse con el dinero de inversores minoritarios".

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Desde otra perspectiva, el también nobel de Economía Robert J. Una de las razones por las que el bitcoin ha tenido éxito, apunta, es que "se alimentó de una narrativa anarquistade que el gobierno es innecesario e indigno de confianza".

Ni siquiera sabemos si existe.

These virtual currencies are known for their extreme volatility, but on the flip side also for their high returns.

Hay un elemento de misterio en la narrativa", explica. Por su alta volatilidad, agrega, "su valor podría evaporarse de la noche a la mañana", dado que se ha expandido a base de "pura especulación".

  • Btc will rebound to 16.4k within a or two and then plunge to 9-11k
  • If the buyback and FOMO didn't make it go up, what will?
  • Plant based meat company stocks

From the Crypto transfers tab, select Deposit. Which cryptocurrencies can I send to Swissquote?

10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021

Deposits from an exchange You can transfer cryptocurrency to your Swissquote account from any of the following whitelisted exchanges: Coinbase Kraken Bittrex Gemini Bitstamp Deposits from any other exchanges will be rejected and may incur additional transaction fees.

Withdrawals to an exchange Withdrawals from your Swissquote wallet to a cryptocurrency exchange are currently not supported.

Market is the perfect method for everyone who wants to test out the brand new currency they are considering in.

Is there a maximum limit for cryptocurrency deposits? Does Swissquote charge fees for cryptocurrency transfers?

  • Better move to stable coin.
  • Buenas, si no tengo reddit.?
  • Do you see ETH droppin <200?

Is there a minimum deposit amount for cryptocurrency? Why was my Ethereum deposit rejected?

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Are all Bitcoin address formats supported for transfers? Yes, all Bitcoin addresses formats are supported. Live chat.

Para los nuevos: eso significa que pueden poner y quitar dinero a su antojo,

It is very very straightforward: you have to get a respectable source. A excellent location to get bit-coins is a market.

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Another thing you want to look for when it comes to choosing the best place to buy Bitcoins is security. The exchange will also verify the legitimacy of the website. A web site permits one to enter the code that is appropriate that you can swap your funds.

This will help defend you and be sure that you are getting the lowest price possible.

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  • Thorough and informative explanation. Thank you for explaining this so well. Your videos have been extremely helpful . Thank you :)
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Protection is something you want when you are currently buying bit-coins. Newspapers alternately run articles speculating a work-free, post-capitalist future filled with armchair philosophising, with forecasts of a world ravaged by inequality in which robots tend to the mega-rich, and everyone else is cast onto the scrap heap to contemplate what-on-earth went wrong.

  • What’s the target for KEY?
  • What will the last Bitcoin be worth?
  • Shadowserver is one of the main hostinf for seized domains
  • That will still be a rejection.

Little, it appears, exists in the in-between. In many ways, though, it has become much more than that.

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When growing at expected ratespoliticians refer to it as proof of the success of their policies. There are many excellent economics blogs out there.

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Whether you want to read commentaries on economic policy, find out what people are currently researching, or simply keep up to date with the latest economic happenings across the world, there are blogs for all tastes. Few would contest it has been the ideology of our political age.


Ever since the s, it has dominated western politics, underpinning governance, influencing culture, and leaving its indelible mark across society. During this time its core tenets were rarely challenged and only its peripheral aspects tweaked. The financial crash, however, changed this, and for the first time confidence in neoliberalism was shaken.

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With the loss of savings, skyrocketing inequality and falling living standards that followed, people began to question the system that had facilitated such a calamity. Podcasts are a great way not only to enrich your knowledge, but also to look at an already familiar matter from a different perspective.

Although you can test your hands the perfect location to purchase them will be from the money market. You always need to spend some time.

Normally, podcasts are issued in the style of lectures, talks, interviews or just short commentaries, and cover either current economic issues or pure academic topics.

Ofertas de Trabajo Profesor. Candidato a PhD.

Así como la "fiebre del oro" atrajo a cientos de miles de buscadores del metal a California a medidos del siglo XIX, hoy los mineros buscan en sus computadores oro digital bajo la forma de criptomonedas. Quienes los compraron al inicio han tenido una rentabilidad de 9.

Mid-Level Industry Position. Junior Industry Position.

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Other Jobs. All Ofertas de Trabajo.

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Escuelas de Verano. Cursos Online.

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look into bitcoin com. Loom has been noted by our group as a funda coin.

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Again I won’t be surprised 1600–1800 one of these days. This has been accumulated for months Before 19 feb would be very interesting, 150eth is a big deal Instead of learning from her, you insult her.

One of these is Tron TRX that is all set to capture the imagination of the crypto world in the most entertaining way.

You will never learn anything ! Is this from the conference video a while back, or something new entirely?

best cryptocurrencies to invest in august 2021 coinbase won t let me buy bitcoin Which company does overstock.com use for cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency wallet coinbase. Cryptocurrency trading course 2021 make profits daily. Trade ideas and cryptocurrency scanning. First time mining cryptocurrency. Coinbase registration fee. Best payment cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency exchange website builder. Exchanges to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Https www.pubnub.com blog build-a-cryptocurrency-price-tracker-in-5-minutes. How to choose cryptocurrencies to invest in. How to get started with bitcoin investing. The value of cryptocurrency.

Shall I leave it or set a point to sell Yeah bro that's what I want to hear!! Yo creo que la economía no se puede calcular, ya que el mercado actúa manera subjetiva y espontánea These scams have come and gone At least he has a bag.

Give the man some 2 cents, pls Huge buy orders coming Shaun King up in here?

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Ok cash has telegram group ? Yeah, i need to learn more about telegram bot, it sends only to me, weird But why people should stupid ? How they can not understand it’s fake news Or just reach high prices.

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Así como la "fiebre del oro" atrajo a cientos de miles de buscadores del metal a Link a medidos del siglo XIX, hoy los mineros buscan en sus computadores oro digital bajo la forma de criptomonedas. Quienes los compraron al inicio han tenido una rentabilidad de 9. Y por las dudas, no sobran ceros en la cifra.

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Efectivamente estamos hablando de una rentabilidad de nueve mill ones por cien. Ahora bien, eso no significa que todos los que han entrado al juego especulativo del dinero digital han resultado ganadores.

It's important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest updates in your field. The finance journals listed here are some of the best in the English-speaking world, offering the latest insights into finance, economics, accounting and business.

Ese aumento estaría motivado por el desarrollo de la industria y por las circunstancias geopolíticas internacionales, apunta. Uno de ellos es Nouriel Roubini, profesor de la Universidad de Nueva York, quien ha calificado al bitcoin como "la madre de todas las burbujas", en manos de "charlatanes y estafadores".

I guess everything that sounds too good is probably too good lol

El economista argumenta que "las criptomonedas han dado lugar a una industria criminal completamente nuevaque incluye intercambios extraterritoriales sin regulación, propagandistas pagados y un ejército de estafadores que buscan quedarse con el dinero de inversores minoritarios".

Desde otra perspectiva, el también nobel de Economía Robert J.


Una de las razones por las que el bitcoin ha tenido éxito, apunta, es que "se alimentó de una narrativa anarquistade que el gobierno es innecesario e indigno de confianza". Ni siquiera sabemos si existe.

A mi cada 25 teras 1 mes 2 semanas para 0,01 BTC :/

Hay un elemento de misterio en la narrativa", explica. Por su alta volatilidad, agrega, "su valor podría evaporarse de la noche a la mañana", dado que se ha expandido a base de "pura especulación". Pero eso no es verdad.

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Mashinsky compara la ganancia del 9. El dinero que utilizamos diariamente es emitido por el banco central de un país. En Estados Unidos es la Reserva Federal el organismo encargado de crear dólares.

  1. saludos de cali colombia
  2. They are hardly trying to move..from past one month there is an small growth in the marketing if anyone bought any alts during the past month drop he would have made an lot of money ..
  3. Id like a gold nano s to match btc's golden cross.
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  6. Brilliant analogy. I guess it's true that many organization 10 people in one way or another exist to "serve man" but typically by enslaving him or encouraging him to enslave himself all at the same time brilliantly convincing him that it's in his own best interest to go along with the process. The smartest Among Us, the most creative, fall to their schemes.

Las crean los llamados "mineros", para lo que usan la tecnología blockchain cadena de bloques. Cada día se emiten 1.

Después de los dos halving previos —en y — hubo un alza en el precio del bitcoin del 8. Pero muchos analistas de mercado dicen que esta vez las condiciones son distintas y nada garantiza que se produzca un incremento.

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Por lo pronto, el mercado de las criptomonedas no ha logrado convertirse en un medio de intercambio generalizado como algunos proyectaron hace una década. Aunque también es probable que el escrutinio de los entes reguladores se intensifique.

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Eso solo lo puede decir el paso del tiempo. Ahora puedes recibir notificaciones de BBC Mundo.

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Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
NXS $70,136 6.73% 0.0416 -0.33% $6.79893
Livepeer $664,910,854,875 0.86% 0.0764 -0.64% $11.743157
DIN $616,390,602,732 10.54% 0.0259 -0.17% $2.910487
CrypticCoin $708,576,786,791 1.87% 0.0581 +0.36% $7.602119
Decred $451,670 5.50% 0.0695 +0.68% $10.140517
Etherparty $830,776,432,533 9.78% 0.0920 +0.10% $5.883983
DAPS Coin $224,202,378,189 2.75% 0.0901 -0.11% $40.49554
X-CASH $509,479 3.11% 0.0810 +0.44% $6.934348
Aurei $242,458 6.10% 0.0816 -0.43% $7.79236
FNB protocol $466,392 4.27% 0.0966 +0.77% $49.387469
ATOM $331,267,592,532 4.51% 0.0905 +0.27% $1.33750
Suretly $813,179 9.18% 0.0897 +0.28% $25.357475
BIT $297,329 10.66% 0.0618 -0.47% $8.979960
Kcash $720,315,841,865 1.61% 0.0354 -0.51% $5.941898
BOA $421,660 3.39% 0.0873 -0.86% $40.5112
Simple Token $804,870,318,807 2.53% 0.0274 +0.61% $7.53870
ZLA $848,338 0.94% 0.0330 -0.86% $47.859533
Ormeus Coin $388,939 3.40% 0.0286 -0.59% $10.230956
DCN $620,647 4.44% 0.0868 -0.27% $10.224361
Fetch.AI $359,516,348,244 0.39% 0.0935 +0.56% $9.89252
Monero $323,482,465,546 2.21% 0.0934 +0.36% $17.589840
Everipedia $887,367 4.61% 0.0945 -0.98% $7.937310
ELAMA $63,493,844,691 2.37% 0.0961 +0.65% $4.330868
NRG $393,281 9.22% 0.0737 -0.33% $6.53771
ART $503,140 8.93% 0.0367 +0.61% $47.364314
DX $44,419,971,701 6.94% 0.0625 +0.39% $6.161510
MovieBloc $105,928,215,778 2.72% 0.0809 +0.31% $5.305257
Rentberry $269,891,414,764 1.62% 0.038 +0.31% $45.412504
TRST $110,944,269,309 2.58% 0.0798 -0.66% $22.493611
RSR $43,424,998,925 10.75% 0.0672 -0.78% $37.89710
BAAS $714,150,180,387 9.81% 0.047 -0.36% $22.30799
OCN $552,818,270,609 10.54% 0.0266 -0.50% $9.999763
EMC2 $619,848,989,766 2.64% 0.0314 -0.61% $13.738606
HPT $101,228 9.72% 0.09 +0.62% $10.178305
CoinMeet $855,755 4.78% 0.0183 +0.54% $2.6410
DLT $26,398 1.60% 0.0445 -0.97% $40.218360
KICK $5,490 9.64% 0.0576 +0.49% $2.983586
STORM $344,893,316,586 5.27% 0.0555 -0.45% $6.510543
DVP $93,896 6.61% 0.0448 +0.22% $0.43487
XDN $530,715 10.94% 0.0579 +0.93% $42.81526
TZC $399,987,438,181 6.15% 0.0255 -0.47% $24.629850
MIX $417,624,934,702 10.14% 0.01 +0.99% $1.944152
FOR $267,124 9.29% 0.0621 -0.82% $7.720727
SNM $70,557 5.10% 0.0390 +0.89% $35.80457
CashBet Coin $665,349,937,781 3.99% 0.0529 -0.92% $42.70881
AXPR $262,632 5.31% 0.043 +0.81% $32.963131
DAPS $663,901 4.62% 0.0998 +0.63% $19.32673
Insights Network $755,186 0.91% 0.0626 -0.35% $8.91920

Volver Arriba. Contenido relacionado. El misterio de los cientos de millones de dólares que desaparecieron en Rusia sin dejar rastro.

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El bitcoin cumple 10 años: qué es y cómo funciona la mayor criptomoneda de la historia. Video 10 años del bitcoin: cómo funciona esta criptomoneda, cómo puedes comprarla y qué riesgos tiene.

No, yo diria que la que hace referencia puede que sea esta

Bitcoin: 3 razones para entender el colapso de la criptomoneda y por qué puede seguir cayendo. Easy cryptocurrency miner.

Trust me when I say the admin do their very best to keep out scammers but it’s a consistent daily battle. It’s unfortunate but it’s the world we live in.

Dash cryptocurrency starting price. Google finance bitcoin.

I just want to know if it is the best time to buy btc because I was directed here to get some ??

Cryptocurrency mining software market research report. Top ten cryptocurrency apps.

How to buy cryptocurrency new zealand

Are cryptocurrencies a stock. What is cryptocurrency trading all about. Are cryptocurrency exchanges regulated.

php"49a strong50strong a href"https:raodaf.

Next up and coming cryptocurrency. Why all cryptocurrencies are falling.

Coin / Name Market Cap Dominance Trading Volume Volume / Market Cap Change 24H Price
COCOS BCX $605,163 6.86% 0.0751 -0.93% $9.501114
Dragonchain $394,969,480,993 5.76% 0.0313 -0.82% $19.35354
UTK $481,414,887,913 7.68% 0.0925 -0.14% $4.10849
Nimiq $248,476 4.13% 0.0836 +0.12% $7.781610
ELF $729,966,574,785 3.30% 0.0829 +0.81% $4.304124
ERT $557,392,923,276 7.29% 0.0100 +0.99% $8.50105
USDS $529,644 0.36% 0.0276 -0.97% $18.658272
SOLVE $833,439 9.44% 0.0700 +0.30% $7.602546
ARPA Chain $137,552 2.45% 0.0621 -0.93% $7.963561
Valid $635,437,853,799 7.24% 0.0530 +0.56% $27.101465
GO $312,460,437,355 2.40% 0.0721 +0.36% $6.393502
XRP $37,587 6.15% 0.0883 +0.41% $21.963309
WABI $327,585 1.73% 0.0537 -0.72% $1.169446
QSP $619,523,695,215 10.21% 0.0285 -0.28% $4.368168
Tether $182,649 1.64% 0.0470 -0.67% $13.825502
VeriCoin $34,133,585,771 7.31% 0.012 +0.78% $9.257334
Simple Token $536,891 4.19% 0.0757 -0.16% $12.568940
HT $176,669,283,315 5.62% 0.0934 -0.30% $5.86620
BCN $167,489,662,629 2.45% 0.049 -0.27% $6.467910
TrezarCoin $783,923 2.25% 0.0365 +0.89% $0.756933
BIHU $88,856,916,588 5.77% 0.0428 +0.84% $37.757248
Utrust $879,696,337,328 9.90% 0.0359 -0.11% $9.935474
GUP $257,809 6.40% 0.0765 +0.87% $6.71863
TrustCoin $227,400,806,712 7.91% 0.0303 -0.79% $8.788154
ESH $560,785,809,686 10.39% 0.0468 +0.56% $50.882997
FLETA $562,598,230,168 7.25% 0.093 +0.15% $9.136177
Tutor's Diary $101,468,936,522 1.30% 0.0447 +0.74% $1.131686
UTT $119,226,734,100 10.40% 0.0439 +0.45% $14.75980
KNC $229,582 6.29% 0.0134 -0.70% $40.96718
WPR $400,749 5.24% 0.0237 -0.16% $21.775866
XHV $845,434 7.31% 0.0749 -0.66% $27.36103
CanonChain $118,314 6.67% 0.0236 -0.62% $4.390718
IQC $103,726,150,660 2.83% 0.0277 -0.23% $11.793206
TEMCO $349,793,827,579 2.56% 0.0889 +0.93% $14.538981
Caspian $308,565,300,550 3.58% 0.0594 +0.85% $7.342477
DENT $198,376,376,384 0.13% 0.0930 -0.41% $21.10309
Stratis $834,789,505,486 1.48% 0.0722 +0.72% $5.272181
Swap $120,459 7.58% 0.0742 -0.60% $2.95864
GNO $820,594,551,302 9.49% 0.0849 +0.99% $8.264972
AMM $29,632,510,145 9.49% 0.0170 +0.20% $10.833206
ZCR $36,799 7.40% 0.0397 -0.64% $39.820215
VIBEHub $55,869,910,934 9.57% 0.0286 +0.85% $5.500916
Substratum Network $145,389,952,948 7.70% 0.0302 -0.45% $0.8732
Cortex $635,558,396,345 1.78% 0.0511 +0.63% $16.549153
Blue Whale $737,235 10.61% 0.0646 -0.84% $16.319705
ART $111,847 8.71% 0.0719 +0.37% $23.747129
SERO $26,638 6.45% 0.0525 +0.39% $47.333368
IRIS $8,407 5.77% 0.0731 -0.76% $2.921712

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